Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Happy Birthday to Our little fighter.... So Blessed that he has been fighting so hard and he is here to see another Birthday....

As most of you know Timothy had Open heart surgery at 7 1/2 months old. That was supposed to be 1 of 6 he was going to have. This surgery they went in not knowing what surgery they was going to do. Why you ask, OHSU/Doernbeher Cardioligist & Surgeon has never seen a heart like his (Those are the words of the Drs).. After surgery the Cardiologist & Surgeon said they cut his muscle bundle placed 2 patches in his heart that they did not see a reason for any more planed surgeries.. He has faced so many challenges before and after that... He has grown so much, even if the scale says different lol. At Timothys yearly echo they had found that his pulmonary wall was thickening. Then two years after his surgery at that yearly echo they noticed the pulmonary wall had thickened even more. This now meaning he has sup-pulmonary stenosis.
This coming April Timothy will have his echo/ekg done and depending on how much the pulmonary wall has thickened that will give us a little better timeline as to when he will have his next heart surgery. At this surgery they are either going to trim the Pulmonary wall where it is thickening or they will cut it completely... 

Today we celebrate my sweet bundle of joy... 3 years that he has been here and we are so blessed.. Each day we get with him and his brothers are such a blessing. .. Sorry I cant finish this Tears in my eyes as I try to explain what this means to us.. I think many of you especially those who have fallowed Timothy will understand how happy we are to see another year..


Monday, November 18, 2013

Hello all....

I know I don't update much on here but I do want you to know you can still get updates on Timothy's Facebook: CHD Fighter Team Timothy.
I will have this blog up so those who wish to see Timothy's early story can find it here....

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Timothy's appointment went good.. He weighs 26 pounds 6 ounces, His oxygen levels are 96%. This is a little lower for his oxygen. After surgery it has been around 98-99% This could be do to the pulmonary wall thickening? Not sure.. We will check again in a few weeks to see where his oxygen levels are at... G-Tube site looks good (but I already knew that lol).

Feel free to check out Timothy's Facebook and Send prayers, or happy thoughts to him.