Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Just posted this to fox 12... I really hope that thy will start supporting CHD..... there just isn't enough awareness out there it makes me so sad.

Will you do a story about congenital heart disease/defects?  I see many stories about cancer, stories of hit in runs, houses burned down, where is the best movie are, great places to eat. sure these things are everyday thing that are going on, but so is heart disease... By airing this at  least once a month could help save many lives. help parents to understand and be aware of this horrible disease. sometime congenital heart defects are not know an ultrasound, sometimes you don't find out until a few weeks,  months or years. but if we spread the word and get it out there that congenital heart disease for something that can affect each and everyone of us, we can help parents and babies. do you know anyone who is pregnant? do you know someone who just had a baby? do you know any of the signs of congenital heart disease/defects? if we just encourage mother's & fathers to get the children checked out no matter what age we can help many family... there is not enough funding for congenital heart disease/defect.... please take a moment and review what I have attatched....

Please share & support C.H.D. & help us reach our goal. This is the Portland heart walk opened up for Timothy (my son) & all children and families effected by Congenital.Heart.Defect. Timothys story may be read at
Timothys youtube video

Heart walk

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