Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Reposting from a friend.
CHD is a disease that becomes your life. Some of us fight to do some of the simplest things. Some people wonder why CHD is so important, they think its "just" a hole in the heart., it's not! There are over 35 know congenital heart defects, but even so something like a hole in the heart can cause heart failure. So heres the reality when living with CHD, there is no such thing as being "CURED", there is no REMISSION. Its an never ending battle. Most of us have surgeries all thru out our lives, because we will either outgrow or need a new procedure. Most CHD kids take daily medications just to keep there hearts going. This disease doesn't just cause a long journey, it's a never ending journey and we need to raise awareness, promote education, and screenings. People need to understand the importance of this disease and what it does to us. Living with CHD is like living in a storm some times there might not be as much thunder or lightning but it always seems to be raining. PLEASE SPREAD CHD AWARENESS!!!!! ♥

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