Wednesday, May 9, 2012

No this is not spam...

I have been told that this is spam.. haha I wish that was all it was. This is crazy that people have to deny what really happens in life and try to make something else of it...

I am hoping we can raise C.H.D awareness. Please watch Timothys video, read his blog, or walking at the heart walk for Timothy. Timothy & other babies/children/adults are going to have many ups and downs in life. Some of these things seem so little but have a big impact on babies/children/adults with C.H.D ( congenital heart defect/disease) like going in cold weather can really get their heart working, oxygen levels low. So if wanting to go skiing or snowboarding its best that their heart and body get used to the weather for a day or two before going. Getting a cold is hard on body and hard to fight off. (Timothy is still fighting a cold on and off cold since January).. Playing sports are not on option for most kids. Some sports have to be played lightly. Breathing tubes, or breathing treatments are usually needed. These are just some of the things that you have to be careful of.. There can be many changes in what and how they can eat, most babies/children with C.H.D end up with feeding tubes because their body is to weak to nurse or drink from a bottle or babie food. Some babies/children don't have to worry about some of these things and some do. These are many babies/children/adults who do not live to surgery day, or during surgery. There are many surgeries these babies/children/adults go through... C.H.D. kills more babies then childhood cancer. Scary right??

Wouldn't it be amazing if we could help them out? We can do so by spreading awareness through email, Facebook ext.. You can also make donations to the American heart association.. By sending this at least once a month could help save many lives. help parents to understand and be aware of this horrible disease. sometime congenital heart defects are not know an ultrasound, sometimes you don't find out until a few weeks, months or years. but if we spread the word and get it out there that congenital heart disease for something that can affect each and everyone of us, we can help parents and babies. Do you know now anyone who is pregnant? do you know someone who just had a baby? Do you know any of the signs of congenital heart disease/defects? if we just encourage mother's & fathers to get the children checked out no matter what age we can help many family... there is not enough funding for congenital heart disease/defect.... please take a moment and review what I have attatched..

Join our team. Portland Heart Walk. 1883=F5BA4E4E55FE42BB91A800922333D9D4&supId=0 &team=5026109&cj=Y

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