Sunday, May 13, 2012


For Mothers day (& every day) the only thing I ask for is many many more days, weeks, months, & years with my We have 1 very healthy child who has so much energy that I know he sucked it all out of me while in the making. And we have 1 CHD "special" child who has been through more then most children should..

It has been such a blessing these last 3 years to have learned so much from both the boys and to go through challenges with the both of them. Some that are fun, crazy, wild, and some that I would never want anyone of you to go through. Some of my family/friends on here have a child with special needs so they know what I mean..

Our god is so wonderful he has given us so much more then we asked and yet he knew just what we could handle. He has been my strength for so long. Even before I truly knew he was there he had already worked blessings in our life (Christopher). I separated myself from the lord for my teen years but Dec 31, 2010 he made his way back into my life. Through Timothy.. He gave us the biggest scare but yet gave us so much faith. As I wondered many nights if we would be able to keep Timothy with us and watch him grow, my faith with the lord became stronger and stronger. Luckly we have gotten so far from that... Let me just say this, during Timothys 7 1/2 months before surgery I was so scared of what could happen to him, but I always had my head held high during the day and acted as if I was ok. There were a few times when I could barely find the strength to get through the day. I spent almost every night crying and praying the Lord to be by Timothys side and keep his arms wrapped around him. Timothy soon became a mommas boy, Mike and I rarely left his side. During all the hospital stays we did everything we could for him except certain things that the Drs Nurses had to do. During all of this I managed to continue nursing him. He couldn't eat by mouth because he was too weak, so he had a feeding tube and I pumped for him. (1 year). That was my way of giving him the best milk and being able to bond when he was not able to be held.  2 months before Timothys surgery we had him anointed and we prayed for about a half hour over Timothy.. 7 1/2 months after birth and 3 canceled surgerys dates later the day was finally here. We was so nervous as the doctors and surgeon came in to talk to us and have us fill out one more paper for surgery that they thought they might have to do. This surgery would have brought Timothy's chances of survival down a lot more then with any of the other sergurys we signed for. I gave him a kiss and handed him to the nurse, as they walked into the O.R. a tear fell from my eye and peace came right after that. I knew at that moment he was going to be alright. About 9 hours later he was finally out of surgery and doing well.  Timothy had a few complications while in recovery but he got through it.
Today Timothy is 16 1/2 months old. He has grown
so much and loves to picks on his big brother. The boys are best friends most of the day, It is so wonderful to watch Christopher be a big brother and to see just how happy he is.

Becoming a mom is one of the best things that happend to me. Learning to be a mom I would have to say is the best thing that is happend to me. Any one can become a Mom or a Dad but to put your full heart, body and soul in it gives me and the boys so much joy. Both of them are mommas boys and I love it. Cuddling with Christopher in the morning and getting that one on one time with him is so important to him & me. Timothy requires a great amount of attention so sometimes I am taking care of his needs.. During all of this Christopher knows that him and Mommy have a special time where we can watch cartoons, he can sit on my lap, read a book and drink coffee (creamer for him, shh don't tell). Christopher loves to draw pictures of Mommy and Daddy. Sometimes I find these pictures was drawn on the wall, sometimes on his bike, ext. No matter where I find them they are the most precious pictures...

No matter what I have went through and what I will go through life is so wonderful being a Mom.

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