Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Timothy is 19lbs 13oz... timothy's weight is about the same as it was 2 weeks ago. sadly have not gained anything. The clinic said Timothy will most likely continue to be sick off and on until he can get the right weight on him. So as his parents, doctors, nurses we just continue to do what we can do for him to gain weight... But during his sick times to keep on bringing him in so we can make sure that its nothing more then a viral infection..

Yesterday Timothy was riding on the little boat rides at the Rose Festival, it got me thinking of all the heart babies, kids, adults that are not able to ride on this ride. It made me sad to think of all of those unable participate in these kind of events. CHD has such a big impact on your life a lot of people take most of these things for granted. So when you are riding these rides and enjoying times with the public remember those who can't be there. Maybe you can put $5 or $10 of that money you would spend there and donate it to the american heart association.. One day maybe the ones who have CHD will be able to be in public places, and ride at carnivals, or sit down at IHOP and have breakfast with the family.. I know how hard it is to be sitting at home and not be able to go anywhere.... Any donation to the american heart association will help with those effected by CHD..

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