Sunday, May 6, 2012

Trying to get Timothy to gain weight.. Wonderful people donated some apple pies & pureed foods for timothy. Because he is still not eating much & I am still having to feed him through his tube...

Timothy is caught up with everything but his weight. He talks a lot, he does sign language, he plays like any other kid, he loves baths, loves to play with his brother, cousin, auntie, loves to say thank you and momma, he also said yesterday bye gerri (his grandma), timothy says other things, climbs everything, rides brothers bikes, loves to give kisses, takes a nap on his own (we put him in his room with his bunny, bottle, binkie & turn on baby einstein, he crys off and on for 10-15 minues then falls asleep), he loves to bring his diaper to the garbage, loves to sing and dance, playing outside, and most of all loves to get in fridge.

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