Monday, May 7, 2012

Yes Timothy gets sick a lot. His nose is runing most of the time, he throws up ever couple days. Does this mean I don't do my job as a mother to keep him from germs, cold weather, other sick people? I protect my son from all these things as much as I can.. timothy is not like your child or the children you studied. Timothy is a "sick" child. He was born with congenital heart disease. So yes my son is sensitive to a lot of things. I don't want you to tell me what I'm doing wrong because you have no idea what Timothys daily life is. Yes I do feed him fatty foods, yes I let him play with his food, yes I feed him every few hours.. Just because Timothy is not gaining much weight doesn't mean I'm starving him. It means he was born with CHD and has along road ahead of him. Sure the cartiologist said Timothys heart looks good now that surgery was done. But there is more to Timothy then just his broken heart...
So please unless you have a child with special needs don't try to act like you can tell me what I'm doing wrong and what I need to do.. Timothy has the best Drs and nurses looking out for him. So I'm 100% sure we are doing everything right..

For my real friends who do support everything we are doing and support Timothy thank you.... We love you.

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