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Timothy's summary

My name is Sasha (pronounced Say-sha). I'm married to Mike Oylear, we have 2 kids. Christopher (3years) and Timothy (19months).

Timothy was born in Hillsboro, Oregon. When he was born he had turned very blue, his oxygen saturation level was in the 20's (normal levels are 90% to 100%) and no one knew why. He was transportated to OHSU (Doernbecher) the next day. That is where we found out he has Double outlet right ventricle,  ventricular septal defect, bicuspid aortic valve, atrial septal defect and pulmonary hypertension. His oxygen saturation improved when leaving the hospital after a 5 day stay, it was in the upper 80's lower 90's.

Timothy was cared for by Julie Martchenke, David Bailly, Jodee Anderson, Laurie Armsby, Grant Burch, Seshardri Balaji, Brendan Kelly, Nancy Jacobs, Alisa Totorich and Stephen Langley

Between newborn and 7 1/2 months old Timothy has been seen for, reflux disease, has had a dietician consult for poor growth, NG (nasogastric) tube placement when he was less than a month old. At 2 months old he had a G-Tube surgically placed (gastrostomy stomach tube), heart failure after being placed on oxygen, baloon dilation/atrial septostomy and feeding intolerance (not able to keep food down). An echocardiogram and a cardiac MRI demonstrated an abnormal muscle bundle on his heart. He had an avarage of 8 medications at a time, failure to thrive, worsening heart failure, RSV Positive (respiratory syncytial virus), high flow nasal cannula, respitary distresss, upper respiratory infection, rash all over his body, cardiac catherterization, and his oxygen  saturation level dropped to 50's-60's.

Pre op Aug 5, 2011
Surgery Aug 8, 2011

On our pre op apointment Dr Kelly and Dr Langley had informed us that a Dr from Canada had come in for the Friday meeting and they talked about Timothy's case. The Dr asked them if they can push off Timothy's surgery out a couple extra days. He said he wanted his team to build some 3D models of Timothys heart. So Aug 10 was now surgery Day. That morning they had showed me the models. It was so cool. They made 5 of them to the size of his heart at 6 weeks old. 

Anyways surgery went wonderful. He had some patches put in and shouldn't need anymore surgerys. They may need to resize the patches later in his life as gets older. Timothy's muscle bundle on his heart was removed, according to his doctors it could have been a main artery to his heart. The Dr.'s said it could take hours, weeks, months or years before it decides to shut down. This would mean a pasemaker may be in his future.....
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