Monday, September 3, 2012

Another CHD Child is taken up to heaven.. My heart is filled with sorrow for this family.. I truly try not to get so involved in knowing everything because it just hurts so bad when they earn their wings. I cant help it but fall in love with these babies who are just fighting for another tomorrow.. As i have seen so many babies pass from CHD I sit and wonder what those who are not old enough to talk think about?  I wonder If there will ever be something to stop this for all those babies coming, or at least to cure it when it happens?? I don't think there will be for a very long time.. Those with cancer have many forms to cure it but there is no way at all to cure CHD. Yes i know there are some who do not make it with cancer and im not saying cancer isn't a horrible thing to happen to kids and adults. I am just saying they have something that gives them a lot longer chance of survival. CHD has surgery's, medication, feeding tubes, iv's echo's x-rays etc (and most repeat all or half of what they went through throughout  there life).. That is it.. It is a never ending battle with these babies/children/adults.. Why??? Why we will never know. Most of us who have children with CHD end up turning to GOD if they already haven't because there is no better feeling then knowing if your child doesn't make it another day he/she will be with God and never feel pain again. To have your child be taken away or coming close is a scary thing.... When Timothy was getting off of his breathing tube his body started shutting down.. He didn't like that. Let me telling you something. That was the hardest out off all of his life that I had to see.. All the Dr's, Nurses rushing in to get him breathing again, his lifeless body flopping around as they try to get him breathing again... After a few minutes of not knowing what was about to happen He started breathing on his own.... That was scary. That was truly the worst feeling in the world, but yet there was something inside of me that said it was going to be ok.. As I had said before in post awhile ago, I did not know if these feelings I was having where because I knew if he went to be with the lord he was going to be ok, or if it was because he was here to stay? Sorry for keep going on about it.. please send your love and prayers to Liams family.

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