Sunday, November 25, 2012

CHD sucks.. I hate it so bad I can not stand that there is no cure for it.. Timothy seems to be your normal every day child but he struggles with things- with actually eating food by his mouth. Some days he will do so amazing and most days he doesn't. Timothy is on feeds every 2 hours, 60 ml of Compleat Pediatric. This is the same amount he has been on since just after birth. Timothy still has a problem with keeping food down. He gets sick alot. Mostly for no reason at all. This will happen a few days a week. Timothy will take months to gain a pound. No matter what diet he is on.. I tell you this, I have never seen someone on so many diets in my life.. he has been off of certain foods to rule out food allergies (soy-dairy), I have had to not consume these things when he was getting my brest milk, plus when he was eating table foods, he has been on high calorie diet, buttery diets, yogurt diet, pediasure, food with added deocal diet, blenderized diet. None of these have helped him gain weight.. I know that some people/kids can eat and eat and not gain anything.. I think with Timothy not eating much and playing real hard all day sure does burn the calories off. So this then makes him not gain. The heart also has a factor when it comes to not gaining weight.. Timothy has been having some problems with getting up when he lays down. He now has to reach out for us to help him up. I am not sure what that is about. When we are not right there to help him he seems to have some difficulties to do it himself. I am wondering if it is from the G-tube because the site is getting swollen and red (thats why we go to the dr on the 28). I hope we can figure out what it is that is the reason he needs help up.. Anyways I just needed to vent for a second.. Thanks for listening. 

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