Thursday, November 15, 2012

I had an average of 80 oz of pumped milk a day.. With some really good days of 100 oz a day. And lower days of around 68 oz.. I had pumped for 11 months. I feed my son who was born with congenital heart disease, he was unable to nurse most the time. So I started pumping right after birth.. I would pump ever 3 hours.. Nothing keep me from pumping because I know how important it has been for my son.. I found a little girl who is 12  days older then Timothy. I feed her for almost 8 months, I gave a few hundred oz to my cousin while she waited for her milk come in. When we was told for sure that Timothy wouldn't need anymore heart surgeries I stopped pumping. I was still able to feed him for 3 months of my milk.. A couple months later Timothy was having some problems so we stared him in donated milk. We received donated breast milk for 3 months.. Timothys stomach got better and we was told to start him back on cows milk and on probiotics, and Compleat Pediatric..

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