Thursday, November 29, 2012

What is CHD?  Have you been effected by it? Do you know someone with it? 

I will tell you from a my perspective.

Pregnancy went just fine. The day has finally come to have little Timothy. We are so excited. Minutes after birth he turned so blue.
The Drs took him away from us. Many test was done. For a day we had no idea as what was wrong. When we first heard the words "heart defect", Our hearts where filled with fear. We where unsure of what was about to happen. The hospital becomes our home as we walk the the ICU doors. We prayed the lord will calm are fears. We learned our days where filled with many things a family should not have to deal with. Our son struggles to breath on that hospital bed. Monitors are beeping I run to check his breathing.
I look over his oxygen levels and thank God for
Oxygen tanks to help keep my sons heart beating.
We learn many medications, making sure he got every dose. 
He is tired, he doesn't want to keep his eyes open long enough to nurse. His body is weak he doesn't do much but sleep. A feeding tube is placed for the need of his weight gain. Calories are counted. Adding duocal to breast milk, will this help? Clinic appointment to the cardiologist for caths, x-rays, blood drawn. How long will this go on? 
Checking his fingers, lips, and toes, hoping they wont look blue. Not going any place we need to staying way from any extra germs while waiting for surgery. Hand sanitizer and to the room we go.. Many ER visits, he wont keep his food down, rashes, low oxygen, what is going on? Dad holds his hands and kisses his head as he fights CHD. We hand our child to the Drs, and pray this isn't the end, and knowing he is being taken care of by the best. We see the  scar down his chest knowing he is blessed. Times goes by and yet it never gets easy. Tears come from my eyes as he runs with his arms reaching out for me. I often wonder will this last? I know each day is a blessing and a wonderful gift from God. This is the future that we just can't ignore. Things are not over after surgery is done. Its still trips to the ER, Dr visits, diet change, hand sanitizer, staying in on from the cold or on a really hot day. You see a heart is a wonderful thing they work in many great ways. But when you have a broken heart there are things you just cant do.. I know not all of every broken heart is the same. Some kids live happy playful lives while others are stuck inside, and there are many moms and dads had to say goodbye. 
Today and every day we are thankful to have.. 

1 in 100 are born with this harsh disease. (CHD)

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