Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Thank You

As Christmas lights are filling the house, the tree is up and decorated and little hands start taking decorations down that I just put up I am reminded just how thankful we are for Timothys Drs and Nurses. They have given our son a chance to be here with us this Christmas..  You see Timothy has always had a complicated heart and has had many problems.. I would like to tell a little story on how wonderful The Nurses are.  

I not only have watched as my child suffered to breath, eat, gain weight, and just be a baby but at 7 1/2 months old he had his first scheduled Open Heart Surgery (OHS) a week later we are still in the hospital and things seem to be going good.. The Dr gave the ok to see if Timothy can breath on his own. The Nursed pulled his breathing tube out of his mouth and seconds later Timothys saturation (oxygen) levels decreased very low.. I stood at the end of the bed as many Nurses where gathered around him as he is turning blue and his body laying almost lifeless, nurses grab the oxygen mask and what felt like a lifetime may have been around 30 seconds or a minute?? I don"t know. Not knowing what was about to happen to our son, Hoping this wasn't his last day here with us. Moments later they put the life back into him... 

ALL of the Drs and Nurses are Heros. THANK YOU.

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