Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hello everyone.. Timothy is doing so good.. I was thinking of something last night and I thought I would share that with you all... So those who have been fallowing Timothy over a year know know that he has always had trouble with throwing up and would do so anywhere around 5-10 times a day.. The Dr's have gave him medication for it and still nothing would help. We had talked about doing a procedure that would then close up his stomach to where he would be unable to throw up.. Doing so would mean he could possible gain more weight before surgery, and would be able to gain more after (Maybe). He wouldn't be throwing up all the time, and he would be able to stay in an outfit all day, We wouldn't have to stop all of a sudden as driving down the road, the carseat, blankets, clothes, wouldn't need to be washed everyday. BUT if he needed to get sick for whatever reason such as he had the flu, him being a teenager and trying to drink because his friends are doing so, or whatever reason may come he would not be able to do so.. Mike and I reviewed all of the pros and cons and we decided to not have this done... Timothy throw up this was until he had surgery 7 1/2 months old.. After surgery he was only doing so around 3-5 times a day until around his 1st birthday, then it changed to around 0-3 times a day. Now after around close to 1 1/2 years old he has stopped and only throws up when he is sick.. We are so glad that he doesn't get sick anymore... It is so amazing...

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