Breast Feeding Encouragement

Wanted to share for any nursing moms..

My son was born with Congenital Heart Defects and we have struggled to get him to nurse from day one.. Before my son was born we had no idea that he had any problems. So we did not buy bottles. I intended to breast feed him. December 31, 2010 Timothy was born and minutes later we learned he had CHD. So while i couldn't be by his side i started pumping right away.. I never stopped pumping for 11 months.. I pumped ever 3 hours. I would pump for 15-20 minutes in the day and night time ( i made 10-20oz each time i pumped) in the morning i would pump for 30 minutes and would get 16-26oz. Timothy nursed for about 2 weeks after he was born and he was always so week that he would fall asleep and couldn't finish eating.. He would feed about every hours... My son Christopher was 2 years old at this time. My father in law was just Diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer on Dec 16, 2010. So there was alot going on.. We (Husband-Mike, Christopher, Timothy and I) spent most of our time going to the doctor, spending days/ weeks in the hospital, cold, Timothys heart surgery.. I tried and tried to get him to nurse but he was just to weak. So I keep pumping.. When he was a about 2 weeks old he had a NG Feeding tube placed where my milk was given to him through. At 2 months old he had a G-Tube placed and milk was given to him through that. By March i had so much milk that our stand up deep freezer was full.. So I found a little girl just 12 days older then my son to donate milk to. She lives near by so her mom and I met up and we exchanged pumping bags for lots of milk.. Over 7 months I donated to her and feed Timothy, and also donated to my cousin. Like i said before I pumped for Timothy for 11 months.. Ya that was pretty much all it seemed I was doing and my husband even told me so.. But we knew for our son that was what was best..... My point is I know it seems hard and you dont get much time with your other kids, or get to go out, or for me it was always nursing bras and t-shirts.. But that is ok.. That is what is great about it. We know we are doing what we can.. And if for whatever reason you just cant keep going remember you have tried hard to give your child your breast milk and he/she will still love you. :)

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